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Best WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin for Amazon Affiliate

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There are a few WordPress Plugins for inserting Amazon affiliate links into your posts but not all have also custom Gutenberg Blocks that can help you in adding the products.

I have already made a review for a very nice plugin AAWP that can help insert Amazon Affiliate products very easily but unfortunately is not offering any Gutenberg block, you just need to use a shortcode to add the products. You can check the review here: AAWP Review.

Not having any Gutenberg block that you can use to add the product can be quite hard to do for beginner users and that’s why is nicer when you have something that can help with this.

In this post I would like to present you the Best WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin for Amazon Affiliate that you can use to add products very easily into your posts.

Currently only a few exists with Gutenberg blocks for Amazon affiliates but with time more will have this options and I will add them here.

1#Amalinks Pro

An interesting plugin that I have just discovered and had Gutenberg blocks that can be used to insert your links, images or buttons with the help of Gutenberg blocks.

After you install it you activate it, add the licence key and connect your Amazon API keys to search and insert products. After when you need to insert a link to an product, an image or button you just go and add the block and search what you need in the right side. Below is an image with the blocks:

After you choose the block and on the right side you have the option to search the product you want and insert it very easily into your posts.

To see exactly what it has to offer you can check the demo page where you have a video:

The plugin is not free and it costs 67$ for 5 sites. The price is not bad as it is making things easier and can be used on multiple sites. Below is the current price plan:

The plugin can also localize your links with the help of geni.us
or Amazon OneLink scripts.


A new plugin that is making use of the Gutenberg blocks to add products. You can add multiple products in blocks based on their ASIN and after customize every aspect of their layout.

An gutenberg block is used to add the products and Gutenberg option panel can be used to customize various options. This is an interesting plugin especially for the ones who needs to add multiple products on one page, for example like discount ones or a list with some special products.:

The price of this plugin is 15$ so it is very affordable. To check all the options and how the plugin is working please see the below video:

3#Amazon Block

This is a Free plugin that has been developed one year ago and was not updated since then. I have not installed it but is free and you can install it if you want. On the description, it is specified that it is using a Gutenberg block to add the product and search it.

If you want to add something fast you can give it a try.


For now this are the plugins that you can find other and can help you insert Amazon Affiliate products via Gutenberg blocks. In case you know a different one please drop a comment or contact me to add it in the list.

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