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Best WooCommerce Quick Order Form Plugins (Free & Paid)

best quick order woocommerce plugins

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A Quick Order form is an important component of any WooCommerce website. This is because it will allow your customers to place orders without having to go through the process of creating a customer account or login in each time they visit your site.

Every online store owner desires to have the highest conversion rate possible. This means that you need to have a platform that’s not only attractive with a rich catalog but also very user-friendly. Customers want to find what they’re looking for quickly and make a seamless transaction.

On many occasions, customers select the items they want to purchase, but they don’t go through with the transaction. This could be due to personal reasons or a complicated checkout process. While you may not entirely affect your customers’ decisions, you can make it easy for them to decide and ultimately make a purchase with any of the best WooCommerce quick order plugins.

This article will highlight five of the best WooCommerce quick order plugins on the market that you can easily add to your store to boost your customer experience and sales. So, please stick with us to find out more.

Why Use Quick Order Forms On your Store

There’s a lot of competition between online stores, and it continues to grow daily. However, a quick order form plugin can give you the leverage you need to succeed. Some important reasons why you should use a WooCommerce Quick Order include:

It Saves Time

Placing bulk orders can take some time, especially when customers are interested in different products. However, a quick order form reduces the time it takes to place an order. The plugin allows customers to get the items they want on one page, and they can place orders without leaving the page.

It is Easy to Use

The best WooCommerce quick order plugins are intuitive to use for both the website developer and the customer. You don’t need to be an expert to add a quick order form plugin to your store, and customers cannot miss the button. The plugins allow you to add product tables on any page or post.


With WooCommerce quick order form plugins, you don’t just get to add a product table anywhere you want on your site; you can also manually configure the product features you want your customers to see. There are also other settings you can adjust, but it depends on the plugin you’re using.

Higher Conversion Rate

As the WooCommerce quick form makes it easier for your customers to find and order products in your store, they are far more likely to go ahead with their purchase rather than abandoning their carts halfway. This means more conversion with the plugin, which is a valuable investment.

Best WooCommerce Quick Order Form Plugins

Quick Order for WooCommerce

This is another efficient bulk ordering form that’s excellent for anyone in the wholesale business. The Quick Order for WooCommerce plugin puts up a bulk order form on your website so that your customers can easily find the products they are interested in, choose the quantity they want, and check out without any problems.

The plugin improves the user experience on your site because customers no longer have to search many pages to find what they’re looking for. This means that you will likely have more customers making purchases and returning to your site.


  • Incredible search function.
  • Customers can import order lists as CSV files.
  • Buy multiple products from a single form.
  • Hide product categories.
  • Create multiple different quick order forms.
  • You can easily deploy the form with a simple shortcode.
  • Gutenberg support.
  • Fully customizable.

Price: $49.

YITH Quick Order Forms For WooCommerce

The YITH Quick Order Forms plugin is one of the top plugins that can help your customers buy products from your online store fast, easily, and intuitively. With this plugin, you’ll boost the customer experience on your website and improve your sales.

This is one of those quick order forms plugins that target resellers who want to purchase various items in bulk from your site. So, if you own a wholesale store, this will be a great asset for your website. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to configure and customize it exactly how you want.


  • Configure multiple product forms.
  • Handpick the items you want in the form based on product name, product category, and product tag.
  • Include a description at the top of the form.
  • Choose the details to show for your products.
  • Add items to the shopping cart directly from the form.
  • Enable/disable the form for specific users.
  • Use a shortcode to add the form on any page.
  • Display the “WooCommerce Cart” widget only on pages with a form.

Price: $69.99.

B2B Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce

The B2B Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce makes it simple and fast for your customers to make bulk purchases of various products without visiting multiple pages. It compiles your product catalogs in one place, so customers will quickly purchase the products they need.

Quick Order for WooCommerce is designed with an autocomplete search box and auto-suggestions for products. Another great thing about this plugin is that it works excellently on all devices.


  • Customers can add multiple products to the shopping cart with one click.
  • Allows customers to purchase various products from a single page.
  • Auto-suggestion along with ajax search to find products quickly.
  • CSV import feature to add to cart a bunch of products in one go.
  • Customers can easily search for a product using the product name.
  • Update product quantity on the quick order page.

Price: $34.

WooCommerce Fast Cart Plugin

Last on our list is this unique WooCommerce Fast Cart Plugin. Although it’s not specifically designed for bulk orders like other plugins, it is still an excellent choice to make shopping easier and faster for your customers. This means that you’ll not lose customers to bulky tedious checkout processes.

This plugin can replace your default WooCommerce checkout page and cart page. It allows your customer to make all their purchases from a single page. Additionally, the plugin is customizable, so you can tweak it to blend in with your site’s theme.


  • Floating or Popup cart.
  • Customers can complete their purchases without leaving the page.
  • 100% customizable.
  • It helps you increase your conversion rate.

Price: From $79.

WooCommerce Quick/Bulk Order Form (FREE)

This is one of the easiest quick order form plugins to set up. In a few minutes, you can add the efficient WooCommerce Quick Order Form Plugin to your online store with a shortcode. The order form makes your entire product catalog accessible from one page. This can assist with sales because your customers can easily find what they want and quickly purchase.

Furthermore, you can add an unlimited number of products through a straightforward process. More importantly, customers can easily find products they want with one click. With the WooCommerce Quick Order Form, you have a higher chance of getting ahead of your competitors.


  • You can include as many products as you wish.
  • Create as many forms as you want and customize them with shortcode attributes
  • The plugin can boost your conversion rate by making it easier for your customers to complete their purchases.
  • The form layout is suitable for all devices.
  • Price totals are updated in real-time.
  • Include/exclude specific products or variations.

Price: Free.

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