Best WooCommerce Refund System Plugins (Free & Paid)

Building a prosperous e-commerce store isn’t an easy and fast process. Many potholes need to be filled on the road to success. When it comes to potholes in the e-commerce world, then running a business of this type without a powerful refund system it’s like having a two meters wide crater on the highway.

But all of this can be effortlessly fixed with a simple installation of some of the best WooCoomerce Refund System plugins.

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Why You Need Woocommerce Refund System?

Well, the title is already pretty self-explanatory enough, but still. For those who don’t know, the refund system grants security and protects your customers from losing their money on a malfunctioned product.

“But why is this important to have?” – You may ask yourself. First of all, it makes the customers feel reassured when buying a product, whether it’s online or in the physical world. So, when you remove the fear of losing money in customers, they will not hesitate to purchase services or products from your shop. And second, as you may have already figured it out – the refund system can help you to massively increase the conversion rate of your sales. More sales, more money, bigger earnings – simple math. No downsides to having a strong and secure refund system on your e-commerce store.

The basic WooCommerce refund system doesn’t have the smoothest design and options to help you improve the communication between you and the buyers, which can lead to potential loss of customers.

Best Premium WooCommerce Refund System Plugins

YITH Advanced Refund System for WooCommerce

Grant a secure and simple-to-use refund system to your customers to gain their trust and please their needs by installing this fantastic plugin. By doing this you can almost completely eliminate negative feedback as well.

Main Features

  • Option to enable refunds to your customers for single or whole order products
  • Set an expiration date until which a customer can fill a complaint and receive a refund
  • Choose manual or automatic payment for refunds and automatically accept refund requests
  • Sort the product’s amount that need to be refunded and pay the total amount the customer requested
  • Ability to restock the product automatically and check the total order
  • Instead of refunds offer coupons to your customers for other products
  • Manage and reject all refund requests with few clicks in a designated section
  • Customers can send you messages on why they appeal for a refund and you can answer them back
  • Inform buyers if a product can or cannot be refunded and set special refund rules for various single products
  • Automatic email system to inform you and the customers about the refund’s status
  • Compatible with WPML to offer refund services in multiple languages

Price: €59,99

WooCommerce Smart Refunder

Offer an easy and painless refund system for you and your customers with the WooCommerce Smart Refunder. Because a failed refund means you’ve lost a customer forever. And this plugin makes sure for that to not happen.

The costs for this powerful tool are paid annually, and the price stands at $79.00. You also get a full year of updates and support alongside a one-month money-back guarantee.

Main Features

  • Users can effortlessly complete a refund request from ‘My Account
  • Automated refund system for virtual/downloadable products
  • Process refund requests manually with an ease in the WooCommerce section
  • Customers can choose if they want a full or partial refund for the product
  • As an e-commerce store owner, you can issue store credits (coupons) and/or cash refunds
  • View detailed reports on orders and prices for the products
  • Simple, fast, and effortless to use an automated refund system

Price: $49

WooCommerce Refund and Exchange with RMA

Another fantastic plugin with an all-in-one solution for your refund system. Get rid of complexity and offer a seamless process for refund and exchange to your customers. Makes sure your customers will buy again from you besides stumbling upon a malfunctioned product.

Main Features

  • Set a limited number of days within which customers can ask for a refund or exchange
  • Order status changing from refund or exchange – requested/approved / canceled as the process goes
  • Users can cancel orders, request refunds or exchange for any ordered product
  • Ability to add handling fees for every refund or exchange request and select the order status of the request according to your wishes
  • Option to enable refunding the product price with included tax
  • Customers don’t need to be registered to submit a refund or exchange request
  • Option to disable certain products or categories from refund and exchange requests
  • Set minimum order policies, refund policies and manage the product quantity
  • Easily customize emails, front-end texts and receive email notifications
  • Allow users to pay with their wallets and use shortcodes to display the customer wallet on any page

Price: $59

WooCommerce Order Returns / Refund

This plugin offers an efficient return management system for you and your customers. With it, you can also improve user experience and seamlessly control the flow of returns.

WooCommerce Order Returns comes with a reasonable price of $59.99, including lifetime support and lifetime updates alongside a 45 day money-back guarantee.

Main Features

  • Option to enable customers to make refund requests from their accounts
  • Customers can write their reason while submitting a refund request form
  • Ability to enable and disable coupons in the refund request form
  • Option to customize the time period and configure the WooCommerce refund email settings
  • Receive order notifications in your admin panel
  • Customers have the option to request full or partial refunds for a product and of course get their money back
  • Easily customized email templates for admin and users
  • Orders with “requested refund” status appear at the backend admin area

Price: $59.99

Best Free WooCommerce Refund System Plugins

Return Refund and Exchange for WooCommerce

While it may not offer the same amount of services as its premium compatriots do, this is still a great plugin to have on your website if you don’t plan on spending any money on a refund system.

With the refund and exchange features it offers, you can give your buyers a straightforward and easy-to-use Refund Management system to keep them satisfied and most importantly to keep them as regular customers.

Main Features

  • Dedicated refund system for your e-commerce website
  • Option to return orders after a delivery has occurred
  • Efficient tax handling so no need to worry about that
  • Customers have the option to add a reason on why they ask for a refund. They can also send attachments in the message
  • Set predefined refund reasons and manage stocks on each refund
  • Choose what refund requests to enable for selected order statuses
  • Has a Dedicated Mailing system and the ability to use shortcodes for Email content

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