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Best 360 Virtual Tour Creator Plugins in WordPress (Free And Paid)

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A virtual tour is a duplication of the actual world straight to your digital screen. A virtual tour enables you to appreciate the environs of actual places without necessarily being there. With the continued technological advancements, many people are racing towards a world where they can access information with minimal struggle, hence saving time and still fulfilling their objectives.

A 360 virtual tour gives you an advanced yet simple demonstration of the required location. It enables you to make a choice between multiple sites and allow them to traverse through the whole area in line with their free will.

A virtual tour is designed to save your time and eliminate the inconveniences you face when manually perusing through the assortment of photo galleries. Statistics indicate that a virtual tour can enhance the potential of client engagement on your website by up to ten times.

WordPress has provided various unique plugins designed to assist you to create excellent virtual tours for your WordPress Website. Here are 6 Best 360 Virtual Tour Creator Plugins in WordPress which you can use to enhance your business portfolio in record time.

1. Magic 360 for WordPress

Magic 360 for WordPress is the ultimate dedicated 360 plugin for image viewing. It’s easy to use and capable of displaying an array of photos as a flawless spin. Magic 360 can be used to display 3D CAD images derived from modeling software, show multiple axis spins and single axis spins.

It comes with a WordPress shortcode which eliminates the need for coding experience. All you need to ensure that it’s ready to embed is to: name your shortcode and upload your images.


Get unlimited usage for $99 on one website. Big companies can opt for unlimited usage on unlimited websites options for $1,1199. These are once-off payments.


  • It enhances conversions on all WordPress versions.
  • It comes with search engine optimized URLs which allows Google to not only index your images, but to divert search engine visitors to your website.
  • It has a watermark tool which helps you protect your images by adding a watermark logo of your preferred size and style at your preferred location.
  • It’s regularly updated to maximize user and consumer experience
  • Magic 360 allows you to display both 3D and 360 spins.
  • Is compatible with all browsers and gadgets. While you don’t need jQuery, Magic 360 will still work perfectly on jQuery sites.


Flat 360° Panoramic Image Viewer WordPress Plugin is used to adorn your images with a hotspot panorama effect. You require HTML, javascript, and CSSS to obtain advanced features. This is a shortcode-based plugin section that comes with a real-time preview option.


Get the regular license for 6 months for $25. You can extend your last to one year for an additional $7.50.


  • Offers comprehensive left to right rotation to display each angle of your images on a panoramic view.
  • Configure the container’s width or height with minimal struggle depending on your needs.
  • You can include hotspots at particular spots on your image to facilitate some form of action once it’s clicked.
  • Preview all the changes you’ve done to establish areas which require modifications.

3. 360 Virtual Tour WordPress Plugin

360 Virtual Tour WordPress Plugin allows you to display a comprehensive view of your images covering all the angles. It comes with various functionalities such as rotation and zoom-in. Further, it features shortcodes which enables you to create panoramic photos with minimal technical experience.


Get unlimited WordPress, code, graphic, photo, and video downloads for $16.50 per month. You can buy the one-off plugin for $25.  


  • A marker that allows you to highlight your preferred route, place, and address
  • Get a full-screen view of your images with just one click.
  • Move your screen automatically with the auto scroll option.
  • Comes with an audio player option which you can add on your website
  • Leverage on the keyboard control option to minimize using your mouse.
  • Get a detailed view of your website with the zoom in and out option
  • Use it with any gadget such as tablets, smartphones, or PCs regardless of their screen size.
  • It’s easy to install which means you can begin working almost immediately.

4. WP VR-360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Creator for WordPress

WP VR-360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Creator for WordPress helps you create a virtual tour for your place simply with a 360-degree panoramic photo. This plugin creates an easy to navigate virtual tour. Further, you can add hotspots for extra information or more scenes to navigate to.


For $49.99 annually, you can get this plugin for one website complete with unlimited hotspots, scenes, upgrades, and support. You’ll also receive updates for the entire year free of charge. If you prefer the unlimited subscription, get it for $249.99 for unlimited websites, hotspots, scenes, free updates for a  lifetime, and lifetime support.


  • Easy to use and capable of creating explorable and visible images
  • Comes with a simple yet easy to use interface which eliminates sophisticated details
  • Allows users to embed videos and images on hotspot
  • Create a custom section of your theme with this plugin where you can store your customized videos and images.

5. iPanorama 360° – Virtual Tour Builder for WordPress

iPanorama 360 Virtual Tour Builder allows you to create excellent virtual tours without any experience in programming. The inbuilt builder enables you to add hotspots which enable users to navigate across scenes, upload your panoramic images, and add popover windows to highlight crucial information about specific parts of the scene.


A regular license is $29 for 6 months and you can extend support up to 12 months for an additional $9.


  • Compliant with all modern mobile gadgets and browsers
  • Allows you to preview images before you complete your uploads
  • Features 3 scene types which are: sphere, cube, cylinder
  • Features a robust API
  • Comes with a powerful inbuilt tooltip system

6. WP Photo Sphere – FREE

This is a free plugin that can help you add 360 virtual tours into WordPress.


  • Completely responsive on any screens.
  • You can customize it according to your way.
  • WP photosphere is an open source plugin.
  • Supports classic camera.

7. Easy Panorama – FREE

Another interesting free panorama plugin that has some interesting features.


  • Enqueuing of Paver Javascript and CSS files.
  • Customization of Paver appearance and behaviour from the Panorama Settings page.
  • Other geek settings in the Advanced Settings page.
  • [easy_panorama] shortcode to embed panoramic images with no hassle.
  • Custom Panorama Block for a better editing experience.


If you want to give your visitors and customers the best experience, evaluate one of these virtual tour creator plugins for WordPress and select one that fits your website needs.

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