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Best Voice Search WordPress Plugins

Best Voice Search WordPress Plugins

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Search Engine Optimization is one field that many websites have applied to drive more traffic to their sites. Web admins are always on their toes to increase the rate at which their website gains traffic. Another way the web admins should explore is voice search plugins.

The Voice Search plugin uses a web speech API (application programming interface) to draw voice input. Voice search allows one to put or request information through speaking rather than texting in a search box. Plugins are applied to extend the functionality or the service of your website.

Why use voice search on WordPress Websites?

Voice search is simply asking a question by voice. For example, asking Google or Siri for directions or particular places is an action on voice search. After you have asked the question, the voice question is translated into a text string later run through the search engine. Voice Searches are, on many occasions, easier to use than typing. Voice search plugins have recently multiplied and are likely to increase their usage due to their standard compatibility level on mobile devices. Other reasons why you should use voice search plugins on your website are;

  • They are immediate and convenient, giving feedback instantly.
  • They give short and to-the-point answers. People ask questions expecting quick, clear, and complete answers. Virtual Assistant aims to provide solutions in simple terms as their first option before giving detailed information.
  • High Readability. Voice Search results are given at a comprehension level. They are attached to tools that help one understand the answers to their questions at any level they choose and understand.
  • They give the exact answer the search engine wants. It is easier to communicate directly than typing a question in a search engine. Communicating with a voice search plugin is the same as speaking to humans: you expect a direct answer.
  • Prioritize page loading speed. The speed of the web plays a significant role in how visitors will interact with your page. Voice search results are immediate, and Virtual Assistants will at all times choose a speedy loading website with the particular content needed.

Best Voice Search WordPress Plugins

 Here are 3 of the best Voice Search WordPress plugins that will get your work done in a blink of an eye!

Virtual Assistant for WordPress

Allows you to build your own Siri, Cortana, and Google Now. Virtual Assistant is a voice command for WordPress where you can create limitless voice commands to make your site speak. The plugin is fully guaranteed to work with Google Chrome and Opera.

 The plugin is WooCommerce compatible, letting you add products to a shopping cart, perform searches and check out options. The plugin is multilingual hence supports almost every language in the world. The Virtual Voice Assistant allows customers to ask questions to get answers and use their voice to navigate the web pages.


  • Advanced Custom Activities
  • Unlimited Voice Commands
  • Free Lifetime Update
  • Customer Support Section
  • Multilingual Translation
  • Responsive from any device

WooCommerce Voice Search Plugin for WordPress

This plugin is the most customizable eCommerce and flexible for any online business.

It is effortless to set up. A new user can easily download, install and customize the plugin to create a functioning online store in no time.

WooCommerce voice search plugin helps customers search via voice input without typing anything. The plugin gives results based on the information input by the customer by showing and exploring the voice recognition option. This plugin is as simple as Say, Search and Shop, making it the easiest to use.


  • Search box option to WooCommerce Search Result page
  • Search box option in WooCommerce search result page
  • Floating Cart
  • Multi-Currency

Universal Voice Search Plugin for WordPress

Universal Voice Search Plugin is faster to install, easy to use, and user-accessible.

The plugin adds voice search to every page of a website and search bar to help customers dictate their questions. Once installing the plugin, a microphone symbol appears on every search bar, enabling visitors to dictate their request instead of typing. The plugin is free to use on Chrome Browsers and supports other browsers such as iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Safari, Firefox, MS Edge, etc. The Universal Voice Search Plugin supports 120 + languages that businesses can install to improve their customers’ experience.


  • Supports 130 user languages
  • Floating mic
  • Voice added to Search Field
  • Configured pages


The inclusion of plugins to your website is at all times a big perk.

With the technology behind the plugins developing, every website will certainly have a voice search option in the future.

For the best plugin, rethink what your website is all about. Then choose the plugin that will work best for you. Your website should be optimized to handle common keyboard-based and voice search questions.

 As a website owner, you should study the guidelines on putting together information likely to be chosen by the virtual assistant to answer a voice search query. Doing these will make it easy for any visitor on your website to get answers to their questions quickly.

Moreover, it will increase the loading speed of a page as many people don’t have patience with slow website pages waiting for them to load.

 We have outlined the best voice search plugins for your website. Now it is your turn to choose your best fit and watch as it works magic!

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