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Best Client Portal WordPress Plugins ( Free and Premium)

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Client portals are software that enables users to connect with their clients, plan, share files, chat, discuss, manage, and organize events and tasks within a confidential online environment. Client portals allow users to create individual surroundings for themselves and their clients.

Today, the use of client portals is becoming popular among business that collaborates with multiple clients or businesses. By utilizing client portals, businesses adopt a collaborative culture within their business operations. Further, they virtualize and centralize their operations.

All files and documents are then stored online, different departments can manage tasks and schedule events, as well as communicate both remotely and internally through online platforms. This enhances productivity within your employees and plays a huge role in eliminating incapability.

Different client portal brands can vary even though they offer more than just project management and file sharing. However, client portals that focus on specific niche markets come with considerable differences. Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years and this has enhanced collaboration capabilities and many businesses have adopted modern technology to improve business productivity.

Choosing the ideal client portal plugin for your WordPress website can be a daunting task. What with the numerous options available in the market today. Here is a list of the best client portal WordPress plugins you should consider.

1. Client Portal

Client Portal connects with WordPress to facilitate easy handling of client projects. It doesn’t feature heavy project management software. It has a very professional design and is perfect for someone who wants a good-looking design for clients. The price is not that low but you get a very professional and clean design.


Get the single-site license for $199 annually and the multi-site license for $399 annually.


  • Enable your clients to find what they require within your website easily
  • Create a conducive environment for both your clients and yourself to monitor projects and get everything you require in seconds
  • Remove or add numerous modules whether you are a designer, copywriter, or developer. You can choose the output that works for your project.
  • Get excellent branding that appears like your website’s extension

Below is a video that is explaining from A to Z what the client portal has to offer and how you can create your client portal:


The WP-Client plugin is easy to use whether you are a techno-savvy or a novice administrator. A single plugin sets up different areas of a WordPress installation and enables the website administrator to design new client management portals, client areas, invoices and client estimates, private staff pages, or client file upload areas on the website by filling in only a few data fields with ease.  

Further, clients can download and upload secure files. This plugin comes with various pricing levels making it one of the ideal solutions for any business in search of a comprehensive and professional client management framework.


Get the WP-Client basic package for $59 and the white label package for $349.


  • Create secure and private portals almost instantly
  • Upload and download secure files
  • Create customized fields to collect data that are related to your business and have all the fields displayed within the portal.
  • Get comprehensive featured invoicing and estimate features with the option of making online payments. You can also tailor make your logo depending on your preferences and business operations, design invoices and estimates fast, easily change estimates to invoices and email them to your clients in PDF format.
  • Leverage in the sample spreadsheets available to format and import your clients accordingly and with ease.
  • Transform existing users and collaborate with WP client through an exclusive approach which enables users to add WP-CLient permission and characteristics while maintaining their existing roles.

3. WordPress Customer Portal

Utilize a customer relationship management plugin in your content management platform to enhance your customer relationships. The WordPress Customer Portal provides an organized interaction point for you and your customers and enables you to handle their requests and questions with ease.

This portal comes with a communication concept that helps both enterprises and customers. You can identify a wide variety of CRM technologies that can be combined and design a WordPress website for your customers.

How do Businesses Benefit from WordPress Customer Portal?

WordPress Client Portal Plugin is designed to assist your customers whether they have product suggestions to make or need you to fix a bug. This plugin directly helps end-users to raise tickets depending on their questions, complaints, or even requests via the customer portal. The website administrator is able to handle the tickets and resolve all the complaints. The portal will help your customers to monitor their requests as well as check their status.

Benefits to the End Users

WordPress Customer Portal eases business operations. CRM keeps all correspondence between customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and affiliates. This plugin enables you to give the aforementioned stakeholders access to your CRM with just one WordPress login.


Get the SugarCRM WordPress Customer Portal option for six months for $958 and the comprehensive Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal package for $1,498.


  • Allow your customers, employees, suppliers, and partners manage their engagements while using the CRM portal. Give your stakeholders a sole point of interaction
  • Get simple and easy usability complete with a great end-user experience and a favorable user interface
  • Customers and businesses can directly monitor their business cases, requests, and processes on the portal

4. OfficeWP

OfficeWp enables you to create unlimited portals, unlimited clients, and receive and share files with your clients.


Purchase the 1 site option for $44 on the first year and $22 for renewal. You can opt for the 25 sites option for $222 for the first year and $111 for renewal.


  • Create secure and private areas within your site and assign them different permissions depending on your business needs
  • Utilize the WordPress Visual Editor tools to design customized pages
  • Each page is protected and users can only view pages designated to them
  • Upload files directly from the WordPress dashboard with ease and allocate them to any client, custom user groups, or manager combinations.
  • Allow clients to upload files on their own. With the OfficeWP backend dashboard, the website admins will be able to access the files.
  • Communicate conveniently with all users within your installation including managers, fellow admins, and clients.

5. WP Customer Area – Free

WP Customer Area is an interchangeable all-inclusive solution to regulate private content using WordPress. This plugin comes with a variety of features that are critical for both end-users and businesses.


  • This plugin offers a member only area available only to verified users.
  • Provides ultimate security for content shared within the space. Search engines do not tabulate this content.
  • Easily share content using this free plugin. You can even share with multiple users or even create individual user groups.
  • Interact with your customers by enabling the comment section
  • Share files and pages free of charge with the base plugin. This plugin add ons offer more projects, conversations, and task lists.

6. Client Dash – Free and Pro

WordPress admins can control their website admin portal with ease using Client Dash. this plugin is designed to help you enhance your user experience for your customers. Client Dash comes with a wide variety of robust features for customizing and simplifying your dashboard.


  • Get comprehensive control of your WordPress admin for you and your end users. All customizations are intuitive and easy to make.
  • Leverage on the customization tool to customize, reorder, add new, and remove menu items.
  • Customize your dashboard widgets according to your preferences.
  • Take advantage of the customizable admin page to determine; the roles to display on the page, page content, page icon, and page title
  • Convert your dashboard into a landing page or even a guidelines page.

7. Client Portal – Private user pages and login – Free

This WordPress Client Portal plugin designs private pages for every user. All content available on the page can only be accessed on the front end by the page’s owner after logging in. With this plugin, you don’t need a registration or a login form and you can even utilize your preferred plugin.


If you want to enhance interactions between you and your end-users, choose one of the Client Portal WordPress Plugins discussed above depending on your business needs.

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