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5 Best WordPress Plugins for Stoping Ads Blockers

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Bombarding your visitors with ads is not a very pleasant experience for them. While most of the websites create revenue by displaying commercials, overdoing it can cause a downer. To avoid that situation, be selective with your ads’ placement and try to avoid those pesky videos that start even before the website opens.

How to Keep Your Visitors and Stop Ad Blokers?

As in most situations, it is easier said than done. First of all, if you want to have and keep visitors on your website you should provide good, up-to-date content.

Second, you should have a certain fluency when displaying your content and adopt a user-friendly strategy when it comes to ads. For example, your readers should not have to click 100 times to close the ads and read the content they are interested in. Consider the sidebars as a good place to post commercials.

Thirdly, you can ask your visitors to disable their Ad Block extension for your website!

Best WordPress Plugins for Stoping Ads Blockers

Ad Blocking Advisor

Lightweight and highly customizable, this plugin does the job in a flawless and tasteful way. According to its developer, O’Brien Labs:

The purpose of this plugin is to detect if a visitor is using an ad blocker, and if so then put a small notification bar at the top of the site (or anywhere on the site you choose), that asks (or advises) the visitor the please whitelist your site.
This notification banner only appears to visitors who are using ad blocking software, and the best part is that it’s not limited to just 1 advertisement service


  • Quickly change the text that’s displayed in the notification banner.
  • Change the location on your site that the banner is displayed.
  • Customize the background color.
  • Choose the font color.
  • Change the font size.
  • Allow or disallow setting a cookie.
  • Allow or disallow visitors to dismiss the banner by showing an (X) close icon.
  • When the visitor clicks the close (X) icon to close your banner, if cookies are allowed, then the banner will remain hidden until the cookie expires.
  • Easily change the cookie expiration date.
  • Anti-caching in place with ads.js so that the banner will display more reliably.
  • Uninstalling the plugin will clean up all data it has stored in the WordPress database.

Anti-AdBlock Script

Address the issue the German way with the help of this smart plugin developed by Robin Heckmann, SAP consultant in Frankfurt. Adbreach(Anti-AdBlock Script) advertises to offer the opportunity to block Adblockers and display blocked ads!

What the plugin does:

Create non-blockable advertisement pictures: the plugin saves your advertisement dynamically with changing names for adblock users. This procedure ensures that adblocker can be blocked.

Sounds simple and efficient. Test it here and send some feedback:

AdBlock X

This plugin seems to offer extensive analysis for the visitors that use activated ad block software. By signing into the plugin’s portal you can receive real-time reports and see the ad blockers’ impact on your website. The highlight with the AdBlock X is that it allows custom engaging with the visitors and tracking of the conversions/effectiveness.


This super agile plugin detects whether Google AdSense ads run or not on your websites and uses a popup text requesting user to white-list you.


  • Does not require any library dependencies
  • Super lightweight
  • You can use random class and file naming to make it harder for Block AdBlock to be blocked
  • The ability to customize your message across 3 different display layouts
  • Message delay in seconds
  • Hidden/Unhidden close button on custom message OR close message automatically after a few seconds
  • Customize the look and feel of the popup
  • Smooth admin panel for an easy and fast setup
  • Developed with WordPress best practices in mind
  • Follow WordPress best practices
  • Support Images and shortcodes (eg: PayPal button)
  • Remove settings from the database on plugin uninstall
  • Works with all popular caching plugins
  • Works with SSL
  • Fast, non-blocking script lodaing

FATS: Force Adblock To Stop

Since sometimes you have to invest money to make money, if you have very few $ to spare, FATS plugin is really worth your while. For merely 9$, you get a successfully tested tool to detect AdBlock users and convince them to white-list your websites.


  • Hide the premium content until the user deactivates AdBlock.
  • 3 methods to detect Adblock.
  • Support for Adsense’s asynchronous and synchronous blocking detection.
  • Support for other ads network and self-hosted ads blocking detection.
  • The content stays hidden if the user does not deactivate cookie or javascript.
  • Hide all or partial content from your page.
  • Hide anything you want in your PHP file.
  • Your content won’t show in Source View.
  • Show your message in JQuery Popup, Javascript Alert or Inline text.
  • Auto-redirect page after showing the message.
  • Cross-browser detection.
  • Easy to set up, less than 5 minutes to set up.
  • Just add 4 lines of code to your page and you’re set.
  • Uses cookies to detect deactivate AdBlock.
  • Highly customizable message and CSS.

It is unpleasant to have your web-browsing experience hindered by ads. In the same time, that is how many websites produce revenue and are able to stay online. Somebody has to do research, to find photos/videos, to write the content. Keeping a website online requires a hosting provider and other services. These are the aspects on which we should educate our visitors and get them to white-list our work from AdBlokers. Some might do it, some might ignore us, that is why we should also consider not blocking them from the website completely and loose traffic.

It is truly a diplomatic challenge but in the end, with the help of some smart tools we can get everyone on the same page: happy visitors and a decent, non-overwhelmin amount of displayed ads.

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