2 Free WordPress Under Construction Plugins To Work In Quiet


This week I had to build a membership WordPress site for one of my customers and he wanted to have the Under construction page on the site but also to be able to work on the site introducing materials and creating pages that only him can see. Being able to see the exact changes is very important to continue to improve the site in the way you like, also is important that “uninvited guests” to not see the work done on the site.

Because WordPress has a large community of people that is developing for it  I thought that it will be a good Idea to start search the web for a free plugin that can help me with this. Not a lot of information exists about this but in the end I was able to find the perfect plugin that does the job perfectly. In this article I would like to present you my 2 choices so in case someone will need something like this to use them.


1. underConstruction

A very simple plugin that lets only the logged in users to view the site. For the other visitors will be displayed an  under construction page or anything else that you would like to put there.

2. Coming Soon / Maintenance mode Ready!

A more complex plugin that lets you collect emails, etc. You can restrict access by user or IP, etc. Below are the features and more details you find on the plugin site.

This are the 2 WordPress plugins that can help you do your work in quite, if you know others please let a comment below so others can know.


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