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Having a nice WordPress theme that is offering nice features for free is always nice. This is a new free theme that has just been released and is coming with a lot of interesting features. There are a lot of nice free themes like Astra, GeneratePress that is offering a lot of features but something is different with Blocksy. In this article, I will show you what is making Blocksy stand out from other free WordPress themes.

Blocksy WordPress Theme Features

I will put here the most important features of Blocksy, for the complete list you can check their website it has all:

  • Instant Customizations – WordPress theme customizer can be used to customize every aspect of the site.
  • Lazy Loading – You can choose to lazy load your posts and pictures without the help of another plugin.
  • Social Friendly – you can add social share buttons and share buttons directly from the theme.
  • Sticky Sidebars – you can have a sticky sidebar directly from the theme.
  • GDPR Compliant – you can activate GDPR directly from the theme.

Blocksy is packed with a lot of other features, it has no point discussing them in details here, you can check their website.

What I Liked About Blocksy

Below are some of the things that I think Blocksy does better than other themes:

Header Customizer

Other themes have a header customizer but I think that Blocksy is more advanced and allows you to do a lot of things. With Blocksy header customizer you can:

  • Drag and Drop Elements – you can go into customizer and arrange how they will show up.
  • Add additional heading boxes – if you want to have 2 layers of menu you can easily do that, you just activate that section
  • Add buttons – you can add a button in the header with only drang and drop
  • Socail Media – You can add icons to your social media with a drag and drop.

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The themes come with related posts sections, you don’t need to use any additional plugin for this. I really don’t like to have a lot of plugins installed on my site and if the theme comes with this option out the box is better. You can customize the related post section from the menu so you can choose how many to be displayed and if they should be linked to a category or tag for choosing.

Social Share

For every post, you can configure a social share section that can be on top, bottom or left/right. You can choose the social networks that you want and this can be done without any plugin. It is nice to have also this feature out of the box.

Lazy Loading

You can activate the Lazy loading effect for the posts and this is making a very nice visual effect. I like having these modern features directly into the theme.


If you want to enhance your site with additional features you can install their extensions for custom widgets, MailChimp Subscribe, and Instagram feed and even a Cookies Consent popup for GDPR compliance.

Blocksy Video Review


The customization features that Blocksy is offering are some of the best and lets you have the freedom that you want for free. If you are thinking to start a blog or to modify the old rusty design of an old one then check Blocksy and you will not regret it.

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