How To Integrate Lyoness Conversion Pixel With WooCommerce

I have just been contacted by a client to make an implementation of the Lyoness with the Woocommerce to track the conversions that are coming from Lyoness. In this article I will present what you need to do to integrate your code with Lyoness and have the pixel on the thank you page of WooCommerce so they can have the commissions.

The code will need a couple of changes so you can make it specific for you ID and VAT rate. The values without VAT should be sent to Lyoness.

Below are the steps to have the WooCommerce itegrated with  Lyoness tracking pixel:

1. Create the first page with the cookie

In the home directory of your site you just create a redireact.php or  any name with the below details:


In the above code you just need to replace the value with your domain name that needs to be added to Lyoness.

Then you will have that would be used to activate the cookie for the visitors coming from Lyoness.

2. Implement the tracking pixel on the thankyou page.

The below code can be placed into a php file, the values modified with your own ( will explain ) and the php file placed into a folder ziped and loaded as a plugin:

You need to add values for:

$organization = “xxxx”;  – Your checksum code; provided by Lyoness

$checksumCode = “xxxx”;  – will be provided by them

$currency = “RON”; — currency of the store if EUR you replace RON with EUR


The VAT value you need to modify the value with the rate in your country if the total order has vat you beed to modify  $orderValue = number_format($ordervtva/124*100,2, ‘.’, ”); In my country is 24% and in case in your is 15% you modify:  $orderValue = number_format($ordervtva/115*100,2, ‘.’, ”);


After you add the values into a php in a folder you zip it and load it at any plugin.

This is actually a plugin and if Woocomerce is updated it doesn’t affect it ( only if Woccomerce update the functions). Is working currently with the 2.6 version.


Below is the zip file for download. Be aware that you need to modify the above values first.

Download zip


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