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Elementor Performance Tests Vs Normal Theme

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In this article, I would like to present you a performance load test over Elementor page builder to see exactly how much is increasing your page load time.

These days is important to have a fast loading site to be better for your visitors and have a more good bounce rate. This speed is important especially on mobile where the internet speed is not that good as on a desktop and where the user doesn’t have that much patience.

Elementor is the best page builder plugin that you can use as it has a lot of features and can help in creating very beautiful websites designs in minutes, it is mobile responsive and not expensive at all it even can be used for free with the free version.

Many are telling that if you are using Elementor you don’t even need a WordPress theme and you can just use Elementor for everything. This is actually true but you will see in this article that the things are not quite like this.

Plugins and Theme Used for Tests

For these tests, I am using a couple of Plugins and Astra Theme to test the Elementor Performance increase from the normal Astra load time. The plugins that are installed on my site are:

The hosting used is the one from SiteGround the GoGeek one, the best plan that they have to offer. I have set up a test site with a one page home page similar to the WPdoze one to see how is doing. It looks like this:

It has some coupons at the end but they are not shown into my picture. If the test the homepage from GTmatrix I get :

Elementor home page:

Gutenberg wpdoze home:

Homepage test conclusions

The custom page that is done in Astra and only using Gutenberg ( with 2 block plugins) it is a last faster than with elementor. The page build with elementor looks nicer but it is load with 1.5 seconds more than my page.

Simple post with 1 image:

WPdoze Site Elementor:

For this test I have just used elemetor to add a flip box at beginning of the post. Now we will see how it does:

As you can see the page that was only customized a little with elementor it is having only 1 request extra for elementor and it has an increase of just a couple of milliseconds. It is not creating an overkill performance increase.

Below is a table with the results

TestAstra ThemeElementor
Home Page0.9s2.4s

Video With Performance Analyse

Elementor Performance Conclusions

Elementor will only load css, java files,etc on pages that it is used. It will only load small chunks for what needs to do the job. There are cases where you need to make your site look better and have various pages with some nice boxes to increase conversion and increase visitor engagement. Because of this Elementor is best to be used with a light theme that is offering what you need for a basic blog.

Even if elementor is installed it will not load anything on the pages where is not used and your site will be fast. In case you are heavily using elementor to customize every blog post then expect an increase in load time for that page. In function of what you are using for you can even have 2 seconds added in the load time.

Elementor is a good page builder but if speed is your thing have in mind this Elementor performance test.

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