Deindexed In Bing and DuckDuckGO – Now What?

deindexed from bing and duckduckgo

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About a month ago I have found out that my website was been deindexed by Bing and DuckDuckGO and I was losing traffic. If you don’t know DuckDuckGO uses Bing to index websites so if you are not in Bing you will not be in DuckDuckGO.

I have websites that received most of the traffic from DuckDuckGO or Bing and not from Google (you can check the video for details) and I didn’t want to miss any of that free traffic.

The Problem….

When accessing Bing Webmaster I have seen that the traffic dropped to 0 in the June period:

After I have run a on bing and I have seen that my website didn’t appear at all there. That was strange as my website was respecting Bing guidelines.

First Try….

In the beginning, I thought that the fix is easy, Bing has InstantIndex, just submit the website again and everything will be good.

Well I was wrong I submitted all the URLs with RankMath and thru their console and nothing was happening, the next day still the website was not popping up in Bing.

Then I did a URL inspection and I was getting the below error messages:

The inspected URL is known to Bing but has some issues which are preventing indexation. We recommend you follow Bing Webmaster Guidelines to increase your chances of indexation.

Then I understood that Microsoft has deliberated excluded my website from their index.

But Why? My website didn’t had bad content and I try to bring value to the readers with every article, also Google was indexing my website and was sending thousand of visitors every month.

I have searched on Google to see the solution but not to many explanations just complaints.

How to Be Reindexed in Bing and DuckDuckGO

I understood that this is a more complicated issue and someone from Microsoft needs to check what is happening. What I did next was to create a support ticked and ask Microsoft to check why my website was deindexed from their search engine. To do this you need to go under ? and choose Bing Webmaster Support:

After you go and create a support request where you choose the bellow with the following message:

My website was deindexed from Bing search engine. The website is respecting bing webmaster compliance and is available for index.
Can you please check what is happening?

After you hit Get Help.

You will receive an email that the support ticked is created and someone will check the issue. This happened on 25.07.2022.

Then on 09.08.2022 I have received the bellow message from Microsoft:

Thank you for your patience!   
I am happy to inform you that the issue that prevented your site from showing in our index has been resolved.
It may take up to 2-3 weeks for your site to be crawled indexed and serving again. Additionally, you can submit your URL using IndexNow feature to get them recrawled faster.
Please review our Webmaster Guidelines, especially the section Things to Avoid, to avoid this in the future.
Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions or concerns and I would be more than happy to assist. 
Take care and stay safe!

After checking I have seen that the website started to apea in bing:

I have submitted all my articles to IndexNow and I am waiting to see the results 🙂

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