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Best Job Boards WordPress Themes & Plugins

Best Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

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Your website is the first interaction your business has with the outside world.

And we read tons about you, by the first sight- what we see from your site.

Let’s all agree – presentations matter, especially if your business is a jobs board.

We all love WordPress, so for best results, it’s super-important to align your theme with the special needs of the HR business. Start by writing down your specific needs. WordPress is the most used CMS out there and if you want to build a Job website or add a job section to your website you couldn’t find a better solution.

There are a lot of options that you can find and in this article, we will see what are the best themes and plugins that can be used.

What to Look for in a Job Board WordPress Theme

A good  Job Board WordPress theme meets the needs of all parties-recruiters and prospective employees.

Barely, a good theme will be:

  • SEO Optimized – The job board theme/listings needs to be SEO friendly, you can extend functionalites with plugins but the theme needs to be SEO Friendly
  • Translation Ready – you may want to build your website in diferent leanguage then English and the theme needs to support this
  • Design – A nice design is very important in attracting visitors, you need a theme that let’s you customize most of the things easely and is responsive (optimized for mobile)
  • Performance – The theme needs to load fast, you don’t want a site that is slow. The perfect theme is lightweight and moves fast.
  • Fuctionalites – you want an auction theme that is offering the following: Front-End Submission,Advanced Search Form, Job Listing Page Template,Google Maps Integration, Payment Integration. You want to check each theme and choose the one that has the features you are looking for.
  • Pocket Friendly – the pricing should give you a great theme when put in comparison to the competition
  • Support – easy to reach out to the seller-team to help tweak things around

Best Job Boards WordPress Themes

Next, we’ll look at the best WordPress job board themes in the market that you can use and build your perfect website. Before making any decision properly check the seller’s website to see if the theme has the future you need to build your job website. All are good to build a job board website but maybe you are interested in a specific feature on your website.

Jobify – Job Board WordPress Theme

Jobify is among the best WordPress themes for a job board. It comes from a trusted builder- Astoundify. Besides their ready support team.

 A regular license comes with six months of free support, and you may extend that for 12  more months at some fee.

If you want a theme with fast page load speeds, Jobify is the theme. The team also provides excellent plus extensive documentation and updates.

Jobify theme is stunning with good fonts and optimized for iPads and iPhones.

You need a theme that aligns with many plugins, and the Jobify theme supports a good number.

 Key among the plugins are:

  • WP Job Manager plugin by Mike Jolley’s which is  free
  • Resume Manager plugin. Which  allows the upload/posting of resumes to the site
  • Listing Payments plugin for allowing the  creation of custom job list
  • NinjaForms and the GravityForms plugin to enable resume submission.

JobEngine Theme

JobEngine is simply a WordPress theme built on spec for job listings. 

It’s an easy build with a combination of powerful customizations and user experience UX.

The things I like with JobEngine are:

  • A very easy theme to monetize, post, or browse  for jobs
  • Also very easy to view the posts for jobs, make online applications, post resumes
  • A pretty easy to customize style, the site colors and  font options
  • The backend is simple to access and make tweaks that you prefer.

With JobEngine, you may take discounts from time to time from their site. And access to online support from a help center with a  standby team. They also allow you to try on a free demo before you commit to purchasing the premium theme.

JE also comes with very handy extensions to customize for your needs. And all these are to cater to your customizable and unique needs that are the pillar to the best job WordPress themes. The extensions are:

  • The ET slider
  • The JE job map
  • JE job roll
  • JE custom fields
  • JE coupon and the JE job alert

Colorlib Theme

Colorlib is also among the best job board WordPress themes you can find around.

The theme caters to many user needs, but they have a specific theme, a tailor-made product for job boards – the Joblab. It’s a combination of WordPress functionality and Bootstrap 5, making it a mobile-friendly theme.

First, Colorlib allows users to browse for jobs by category. Examples are creative artists, programmers and information technology professionals, and marketing.

The theme has a footer showing current jobs by categories, which also has hyperlinks to take you to more details for each.

The Joblab theme from Colorlib is flexible to accommodate the special needs, be it for freelancers or employers. And it’s also a very customizable product.

Ideally, Joblab makes for the needs of startups and established businesses to publish job posts and reach out to prospects with amazing ease. – making everything recruiting very easy!

Once you purchase the premium theme, you access up to 12 months of free support from the team. And users can access free demos to accustom themselves to the theme.

Superio – Job Board WordPress Theme

Superio is a Job Board WordPress theme, simply one complete Job Board WordPress theme.

It allows users to scale from creating a  simple yet useful site for all job listings. Moreso,  the  Superio theme will enable you to access and create a  completely responsive portal for jobs.

Therefore, it scales from simple listings to running a complete human resource portal, including recruiting and charging for posts to earn you some revenue.

Exploring Superior the theme for job boards? Here are smart functions the theme helps you with:

  • Multiple dashboard views
  • Users can apply without the need to provide login credentials
  • Allows for video uploads
  • Allows applications right from Facebook and Linkedin profiles
  • Resume managers
  • Job alerts
  • Access to more than 14 layouts for jobs listings
  • Integration with SEO plugin and  Woo- Commerce plugins for payments
  • Job application tracking capability

Apart from the front-end access, there are more handy features with Superio. It is mobile-friendly and enables top-notch features like drag and drop and GDPR ready compliances.

 The host of plugins for premium service integrations is awesome, including PayPay, Skrill, and Stripe.

Careerfy – Job Board WordPress Theme

Careerfy –  is a simple to complex Job Board WordPress theme– offering fast solutions for fast tasks like job listings. 

From an advanced point of view, Careerfy allows users to access separate panels- whether a recruiter or a job seeker. The theme also allows users to post jobs and pay for the service. When job viewers are on the links you provide, that also helps add to the revenues.

Three outstanding features with CareerFy:

One is to export all the CVs and applications from candidates in two popular formats – PDFs and Ms. Excel spreadsheets.

Two is the linkage feature where a prospective candidate can chat with a prospective employer.

The third is the feature to import job listings from Indeed and the Geo-location feature.

Regarding matters of support, Carrefy has in place several options to help you out: Skype calls, live chats, support tickets, and via comments.

If you plan to pick the theme, their onboarding princess comes with  ZOOM  onboardings that you can schedule at the most appropriate times.

WorkScout – Job Board WordPress Theme

Counting through WorkScout as a WordPress theme for job boards,  it’s simply an all-in-one answer for all human resource stakeholders: recruiters, employer- agencies, and anyone playing any roles in between.

It’s an amazingly powerful tool to help you roll out a professional website in minutes- with all the job-related features you’d want inclusive.

Before checking on the front-end view of your job board, you can access a free video tutorial about all the features you need to know about.

There are a host of mapping features that are compatible with WorkScout as a job board theme: OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, Mapbox, and also Google maps.

A unique feature with WorkScout is the ability to view company profiles and the sidebar filters that enhance the recruitment process on either side- employer-employees.

There’s a  feature that allows admins to set access restrictions to users- like who can access/view candidate contact details, among others.

Lastly, WorkScout allows monetization features and integrations with the most common payment gateways: PayPal, Visa, Amazon PayPal, and Stripe, among many others.

JobCareer Theme

JobCareer is a WordPress theme from the Chimp Studio. Their functions range from easy job lists to complex features like free mobile app access.

They have plans to roll out an Android App. 

With the JobCareer theme, you have a  simple tool with complex abilities to roll out a human resource portal that is responsive and can earn revenues.

Some of the features I find handy are the – Knowledge base and also, in case you want customizations,  there’s a button to help you initiate that.

Aside from being a high-resolution theme, JobCareer has seamless integration with most versions of WooCommerce plugins.

If the demo pleases you, there’s a plugin to help you import it as it is into your theme.

The unique feature I find in JobCareer as a job listing theme is membership packages. And that comes with amazing sub-features, like job highlight colors, widgets you can embed, and predefining regions.

JobCareer is a theme with an ultra-global outlook. 

 There’s the functionality to access the portal with multiple language support, which caters to a wide range of user needs arising from varying backgrounds regarding the matter – language.

Carrier – Job Board WordPress Theme

Carrier is a one-pack theme that requires no plugins for your human resourcing needs- whether a recruiter or a prospective candidate.

The theme allows for sidebar searches. The theme enables full-process management of tasks on the site for the recruiter.

You can manage them more uniquely for companies as you would for a resume or a candidate. So there’s no need to repeat or enter company details every time an employer wants to list out a job.

The Carrier dashboard allows employers and prospective employees to view dashboard details, including re-directions to external application linkages.

Carrier is easy to integrate with Google maps and a few more Mapping applications.

There are custom applications for promoting jobs- over and above a regular listing. And also the unique notifications systems which other themes miss.

 Following through the changelog, one can appreciate that Carrier has made reasonable advances towards meeting HR needs for either candidates or employers.

Jobmonster – Job Board WordPress Theme

Jobmonster, nay as the name suggests, falls among the themes that’ll wow you regarding WordPress job board themes.

Users can select from various views: including Home Listing, Job listing home, and  Search Map home.

Jobmaster also falls among the few themes with multi-language support – a handy feature for global-scale recruitment and hiring.

Jobmaster has a special feature enabling job seekers to filter jobs lists down to the finest specifications, accounting for less rigorous search-filter tasks.

Also, Jobmonster allows users to add custom fields to their search capabilities. And this is a feature that gives users an edge regarding the finer search. One more unique feature is job tags, which help in the search, and you will not find it prominently among other platforms.

Naukri – Job Board WordPress Theme

Naukri comes with a free video tutorial. Naukri allows you to access a CV scoring feature for hiring parties and intentionally makes shortlisting a  simpler step. It also extends functionalities to provide feature candidates for your needs. 

Candidates can also upload resume videos – a feature that is not common among other themes.

Adding to the enhancement to the theme are both Android and iOs applications. Users must find it handy to track progress while away from their PCs and laptops or otherwise.

Key among other unique features is the app to print invoices.

There are up to four view layouts you can select from with Naukri. Matters earnings, users of Nokri can create batches of job lists and sell them: spotlight, private and urgent jobs are among them.

Workup – Job Board WordPress Theme

Workup is a jobs board WordPress theme with three extra home-page features that come with multiple features to plug into the array of needs unique to the human resourcing arena.

There’s a wide array of layouts that have been pre-made for you to select and go live.

The pre-makes also feature powerful search fields extending to the sidebar.

Searching lists and CVs via the Workup interface is simpler with Search shortcodes- this is a unique feature.

Scanning through, Workup allows users to post jobs via the front-end. The feature for – Ready translation fills in the gaps with needs for multilingual parties- recruiters and candidates.

Best  Job Board WordPress Plugins:

WordPress architecture builts are largely compatible with plugins – enhance your functionalities in line with Job Board needs.

Check out the following plugins and how they can fit into your specific needs:

WP Job Manager Plugin

The WP Job Manager is a lightweight plugin that integrates your WordPress sites. Its functionality relies on cutting through bulks of lists and picking selections using shortcodes.

Hiring is easier when employers can point out their list records from the bulks. More tweaks extend to managing lists and making categories from them.

Simple Job Board Plugin


The Simple Job Board is another plugin to help you roll out a job board in a short while- starting with a WordPress site.

Building on the use of shortcodes, the support also offers a wide selection of templates to add-on to suit your job portal needs. To name few of the add-on includes:

  • Bulk downloads of resumes
  • Connections for cloud storage
  • Location-based and category-based hiring
  • Counter for job applications, among others

WP Job Openings Plugin

This is a very simple plugin, but good for what it’s meant for.

Once you plug it in, you can roll out a careers page, jobs listing, and access to the recruitment function.

WP Job Openings allows you several pillars in one package, inclusive of:

  • Ability to create default forms to manage job applications
  • Many options to filter fields and do searches – and also listing/filtering support with AJAX


WordPress appears simplistic, but there’s no limit to what the application can link regarding user-specific needs for WordPress Job boards needs.Building on the normal WordPress opens wide choices for either themes or plugins. Whatever your imagination limits are, WordPress builds on such extremes. Here you have all the best options outthere if you want to build a job board website or add a job section to your WordPress website.

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