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Best Free Plugins to Sync WooCommerce Products with Facebook

Best Plugins to Sync WooCommerce Products with Facebook

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Social media is one of the greatest assets for many online businesses today. It gives you the chance to reach more customers and boost your sales significantly. Business owners across the world use Facebook because the platform allows you to connect your store to your Facebook business account.

With the new Facebook Shops feature, you can easily sync your product catalog to Facebook so you can sell your products directly on the platform. However, the process of syncing your product catalog can be tiresome, especially if you’re entering the details manually.

Thankfully, some solutions simplify connecting your store to your Facebook business account. This article lists some of the best plugins that let you automatically sync your WooCommerce products with Facebook.

Why Sync Your WooCommerce Store With Facebook

One excellent opportunity for growing your business is to sync it with Facebook to leverage off the traffic on the platform. There are many other reasons it is a great idea to connect your WooCommerce. Some of these reasons include:

Boosted Sales and Promotion

Facebook has more users than any other social platform. This means that you can easily connect with your existing customers and reach potential new ones. The great thing about Facebook is that you don’t need to spend any money advertising your products on the platform.

Keep in Touch with Your Customers

With your WooCommerce store connected to Facebook, you can conveniently maintain contact with new, existing, and prospective customers to respond to inquiries and queries through comments and Messenger.

Build a Unique Brand Image

One wonderful thing about Facebook is that it supports customization. For example, you can customize your Facebook store’s brand elements, custom colors, visuals, and layout options. So, you can give your store a look you want to reflect your business brand.

Display Your Products Across Multiple Stores

When you use a plugin to connect your WooCommerce store to Facebook, you’ve basically set up shop on the platform. This makes your products eligible to be displayed in some of the best shopping destinations like Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop. This provides an excellent opportunity to boost your sales through the roof.

Flexible Checkout

Customers value seamless shopping, and with your WooCommerce store connected to Facebook, they can checkout without leaving the social media platform. Also, you can redirect customers to your store for payments.

Best Plugins to Sync WooCommerce Products with Facebook

Here are some of the best plugins you can consider:

Facebook for WooCommerce

Facebook for WooCommerce is a free plugin developed by WooCommerce that offers premium services that help you sync your WooCommerce products with Facebook so you can sell. With this plugin, you can create a customizable online store for shoppers on Facebook and Instagram. This allows you to provide one unique shopping experience that represents your brand image effectively across all Facebook apps.

Facebook for WooCommerce allows you to sync your shop’s catalog with Facebook with one click. It also allows you to select the products that you want to sync and how they should appear on Facebook. Furthermore, you can create Facebook and Instagram ads for your products directly on WooCommerce. Finally, the built-in Facebook pixel integration and Conversions API lets you make relevant, timely, and dynamic ads based on customers’ browsing history.


  • Sync your WooCommerce catalog with Facebook Marketplace
  • Supports Facebook pixel.
  • Convenient communication with customers on your WooCommerce site or via Facebook Messenger.
  • Purchase Facebook and Instagram ads directly from the dashboard.

Price: Free.

Product Catalog Sync for WooCommerce

Product Catalog Sync for WooCommerce is another excellent plugin that allows you to sync your WooCommerce store catalog with Facebook fast and easily. Even as a beginner, you can set up the plugin on your store in a few moments.

This plugin comes with filter options that allow you to exclude particular products/categories from syncing with Facebook. The plugin also allows you to sync large numbers of products by syncing products in batches.

The Product Catalog Sync for WooCommerce plugin makes category mapping easier thanks to its easy-to-use interface. Also, you can save the mapping for future syncs. The plugin also allows you to edit existing mapping categories, create new ones, and much more.


  • Straightforward setup.
  • Fast and efficient product catalog sync.
  • Smart filtering lets you filter product categories and products before syncing.
  • Sync a large number of products with Facebook through batch sync.
  • Supports category mapping.
  • Allows you to edit Facebook category mapping.
  • Product sync log.

Price: Free.

Social Shop for WooCommerce

Social Shop for WooCommerce is one of the best free plugins you can use to connect your store’s catalog to your Facebook business page. Although it’s a free plugin, it still packs several remarkable features that help you sell your WooCommerce products on Facebook.

In addition, the plugin allows you to customize your Facebook store to different designs and languages. The Social Shop for WooCommerce plugin also comes with a one-click inventory import from WordPress. Finally, the plugin lets you set up other Facebook shops with one account and gives them unlimited exposure on fan pages.

Furthermore, you can easily add new products, create collections, ads, and so on. The Social Shop for WooCommerce plugin provides core statistics about your store, including real-time data of your fans and visitors, campaign analysis, etc., to help your online store grow.


  • One-click integration.
  • Statistics.
  • No design or coding skills are required.
  • Supports all languages.
  • Easy to use Back-office.
  • Multiple stores and fan pages.
  • Create multiple Facebook shops under one account.
  • Social plugins integration.

Price: Free.

Product Feed Manager – WooCommerce to Google Shopping, Facebook, Yandex, Etsy & More

The WooCommerce Product Feed Manager is the last plugin we recommend you consider for your store. It makes it easier to generate product feed with your WooCommerce products for any marketplace you want to display them.

There are various predefined merchant templates that you can use to create unique content for more than 100 merchants, including Facebook, eBay, Instagram, Google Shopping feed, Yandex, and so on.


  • Auto-sync with Google Shopping.
  • Advanced Category Mapping.
  • Extensive filter options.
  • Schedule auto-update of the product feed.
  • Advanced custom fields.
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Track products with Facebook Pixel.

Price: Free.

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