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Best Biometric Login WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)

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We live in a technologically advanced era with new options available to us daily, all to make our lives easier while at the same time allowing us to compete effectively and efficiently with those in the same race as us. With the growing competitiveness amongst people, the need for security and authentication has somewhat risen to be considered one of the critical elements behind almost any business anywhere in the world.

Be it your ATM cards, lockers, home security, surveillance system, or even your website, people now face the need to put in passwords and other security checks that would act as a gateway limiting the access to confidential information to them and them alone.

However, every now and then, the world pivots. And when that happens, it brings changes in the way we do almost everything. The everyday use of internet usability and security is no stranger to such changes. What worked in the past is no longer acceptable, especially after its loopholes. There were times when using a simple login and a password was enough to protect critical data and files. But that no longer is the case. This led to a seemingly increase in demand for specially designed biometric logins.

Why use a biometric login plugin?

Still unsure if you should replace old login methods with a biometric login plugin? Using a biometric login plugin to replace the old and redundant password protection in modern-day applications has several advantages. Maybe considering some of these may help you decide.

Providing a simple yet increased level of security:

Let’s face it! We all have witnessed compromised passwords and pins, data breaches, leaked confidential information, and illegally accessed accounts by imposters and frauds. Those have been stressful times. Biometric verification is a simple process of using real-world traits to provide an increased level of security. This may be a fingerprint, iris scan, or even a voice scan.  

Acting as a fast and a convenient user experience

From a user’s point of view, biometric authentication offers a fast, easy and convenient experience. Users no longer have to focus on remembering arduous pin codes and passwords. One can unlock their accounts in a matter of seconds by simply placing a finger on the scanner. What’s even more important is knowing that the chances of forgetting one’s biometric are not even an option.

Being Non-transferrable

Another great advantage of biometric authorization login is that it requires one to be physically present to work or access any information. Transferring or sharing biometric login is physically impossible. This makes the use even more secure and private.

Being spoof-proof

As advanced as technology may get, replicating face patterns, fingerprints, the iris scan is almost next to impossible. With one in a 64 billion chance, you have a higher chance of winning a lottery than to hack someone’s biometric. As a result, biometric logins are simply spoof proof. They are hard to fake or steal, making them preferable to the traditional password login methods.

Best Biometric Login WordPress Plugin 

If you want to secure your WordPress website or WooCommerce store with a biometric login then you need to check one of the below plugins that can help you do this.

Best Premium Biometric Login WordPress Plugin 

Biometric Login for WooCommerce

This plugin can be used with WooCommerce and it is adding to the account page a biometric login option, it is using WebAuthn technology. With this plugin you can add an extra layer of security to your online store for just $29

The key features:

  • Add biometric login capability to simplify your UX
  • Biometric login backed by WebAuthn Technology
  • Display it before or after the WooCommerce login
  • Customize biometric button text and description
  • Authenticate biometric identity by password
  • Restrict by user roles
  • Display registration history to users
  • Users can add new or delete previous registrations

Price: $29

WooCommerce Biometric Login

WooCommerce Biometric Login has been awarded the WP Requirements Compliant Badge by Envato. This plugin allows users to configure their biometric identification details and log in securely without storing any login data. The WooCommerce Biometric Login uses WebAuthn to make the authentication process more efficient and secure. Users can simply log in and enable the plugin to start using it.

The key features of WooCommerce Biometric Login include:

  • Providing fast, secure and multilingual login for customers
  • The admin can set the biometric verification login button text. He can also enable/disable its functionality
  • The admin has the permission to add a biometric details template for the ease of customers
  • The admin also defines the “My Account” menu limits and can set a login button shortcode
  • The backend gets updated every five seconds, and the admin has the permission to see and clear the logs whenever he pleases.
  • Customers can easily configure their biometric login details from the “My Accounts” page. They can log in directly without needing any email address or password.

Price: $49

Best Free Biometric Login WordPress Plugin 

Passwordless WP plugin

Often reviewed by many as the future of safe WordPress login, the Passwordless WP plugin improves your WordPress’s authentication security by forgoing the need for a password. Instead, it provides protection by providing the option of Touch identification or Facial identification. Simply log in and attach your device; Passwordless login will be available to use on your next login.

Some of the main features of the Passwordless WP plugin include:

  • It creates a safe passage for using facial and fingerprint ID. No digital footprint is ever stored.
  • By using the standard WordPress UX login page helps provide a user-friendly experience. Simply log in, attach your device, and a Passwordless login will be available is available to login.
  • Officially recognized by W3C web standards, it helps authenticate users by creating and using robust public key-based credentials in its web applications.
  • Strong fit for GDPR compliance. Biometric authentication never leaves your device. Thus preventing information from being stored or matched in servers
  • Passwordless WP plugin is also browser friendly. Currently, it is supported by Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, iOS 14, Windows 10, and even Android platforms.
  • To operate, it requires secure connections like HTTPS and SSL Secure.
  • It supports a handful of credible authenticator platforms like Windows Hello, Fingerprint, Touch ID, Face ID, etc.

FIDO-certified Passwordless biometric login

Last but not least, the FIDO certified Passwordless biometric login allows users to use FIDO and FIDO2’s certified authentication and helps in facilitating even sensitive operations like credential management. They use the user’s existing device biometric and allow users to quickly integrate multi-factor authentication into your website.

The signing-in process is also relatively simple. You have to complete the registration process to sign in and start using the FIDO certified passwordless biometric login.

Some of the main features of this plugin include:

  • User’s biometric information never leaves their device or is stored anywhere, not even on the cloud.
  • Users don’t have to enter a password when they log into the website from their devices.
  • There’s absolutely no footprint or tracking of customers.
  • Reduced user abandonment rates
  • In compliance with FIDO and FIDO2, it follows the principles dictated by them.
  • It boosts website security by using multi-factor authentication.

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