WordPress is a great platform used by more than 50% of the web, the development world has created a lot of great futures that can help you build the perfect app site in WordPress. Here is what you can do using the WordPress Platform:

  • Low cost – the themes or plugins are quite cheap for the features that they have to offer.
  • Can be integrated with a lot of plugins – the WordPress world is very big and a lot of add-ons are developed that words together
  • Fast Load – WordPress is a speedy platform and this is useful so the site with the futures to work great.
  • Easy to use – you don’t need coding skills you can just use plugins or themes that are easily customizable.

On this page, I would provide the different applications that WordPress can sustain. I will create for every item a video and an article where will explain how this can be done with the best options. Below are the different types of sites that can be built with WordPress:

  1. Build a Job Board Site With WordPress
  2. Build a Task/ Project Management Site with WordPress
  3. Build a Freelancer Similar Site with WordPress
  4. Build a Micro Job Site similar to Fiverr with WordPress
  5. Build a Q&A site With WordPress
  6. Build a Store With WordPress
  7. Build A Membership Site With WordPress
  8. Build a Classified Site With WordPress
  9. Build a Directory/Yelp Site With WordPress
  10. Build a Medium Similar site With WordPress
  11. Build a Coupon Deal Site With WordPress
  12. Build A Course Site with WordPress
  13. Build A Vendor Market With WordPress
  14. Build A URL Shortener with WordPress

These are some of the different sites that can be built with WordPress I would extend the list when I will find new items that can be built easily with WordPress.
The list would be linked to an article with a video that will explain step by step how it can be accomplished, plus an article with the best choices that exist would be created for each.

In case you know different app sites that can be built with WordPress please use the below submission form.