My name is Dragos and I am doing blogging and different online activities starting from March 2010. Firstly I have
started with where I have written different articles related with SEO, online marketing, link building, WordPress articles and niche sites case studies. Now I have multiple sites where I write about the same stuffs and I have a couple of other niche sites from where I earn money and test things. 

As along the way I have learned a lot of stuffs about WordPress I have created my own firm where I create different sites for the local market,  is my company site.

I have a day job from 9 to 6 and I am doing blogging, WordPress related activities from passion. The internet,  blogging and online marketing are good ways to learn a lot of interesting stuffs and in the same way to earn some extra income.

On you will find informations about WordPress, tops with different WordPress plugins and themes, tutorials and tips and Internet related articles.

You can contact me via the contact form on this site or via my Facebook page.

Currently I am preparing some online courses about WordPress and other related activities, so in case you want to be informed when it will start don’t hesitate to subscribe to the email list.