WP.land Review and Giveaway Worth $7,200.00 USD in Hosting Accounts

Don’t know if you already know about WP.land but in case you don’t know in this article I would present what WP.land has to offer and how you can host your WordPress site on WP.land.

What is WP.land ?

WP.land is a hosting service for WordPress where you can host your site. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge you just add the site and change the nameserver for the  domain and you are set. The service is addressed for the clients that are not technic and don’t want to lose time setting WordPress from the cPanel account.


The Basic plan with 10GB off space is starting with 6$ for the yearly price. 10 GB is more than enough to have your WordPress site. I have more than 5 sites with hundred articles and not using more than 5 GB.

wp.land prices


What I especially like is the fact that they are handling the WordPress updates so the site would be up to date, another interesting feature is the backup and the security. With such features you only need to focus on writhing.



The most important aspect when it comes to hosting your site is the speed and uptime. For a better user experience and SEO increase the site load speed test is very important.  I have done a series off tests comparing a site http://veggiesville.com/ that I have hosted on the WP.land and bitdoze.com. Both have the same theme the default one so the test  be relevant.

bitdoze.com is hosted on an digitalocean VPS with NGINX and PHP7 so the site is loading very, very fast.




I have loaded the sites from Amsterdam and Dallas, below are the results:


amsterdam bit

texas bit

Site hosted on WP.land:

amsterdam vegisvile

texas vegis


loadimpact.com stres test


vegis load test

US vegis test:

vegis_us test

Bitdoze test:

bitdoze load test

Performance Conclusions

The hosting is very fast and the tests from US are even faster than my digiatalocean VPS. As  seen the stress test with 25 active sessions in same time the site hosted at WP.land did very well and the load time is ~500 ms which is very fast. I like the speed that WP.land is having.


WP.land was king enough to offer 100 free accounts for 1 year, so the below giveaway is hosted on www.wpdoze.com.

If you enter the contest you will have the chance to win one-off the 100 free accounts to host your WordPress site, the account will be free for the first year.

To enter the contest you will need to accumulate at least 3 point ( email, + FB share + twitter or other share option)

The contest would end on 30 April and then the winners would be announced.


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