Are WooCommerce Extensions to Expensive?


As the WooCommerce is the biggest eCommerce plugin for WordPress a lot of extensions are developed for it. I remember that at beginning when WooCommerce was developed initially the extensions released were not that expensive and were somewhere around 20$.

With time as Woocommerce started to have more and more users the number and especially the price of extensions started to grow a lot from my perspective. Now I am seeing on the WooCommerce site extensions that are worth a lot of money, even more then 200$ for one site license.

Paying more then 200$ for an extension is really high from my point of view, it doesn’t really matters what the extension can do. The good thing is the fact that WooCommerce is an complete plugin and you don’t really need extensions to start selling online.

What to do, to use WooCommerce or not ?

For sure WooCommerce is a great plugin with a lot of features that can be used to create the perfect online store. Even if the extensions from the WooThemes site are more expensive this doesn’t need to discourage you as there are other places where extensions are at reasonable prices. On the WordPress plugin repository you can also find a lot of extensions that are free and can help you enhance your store.

A good place from where you can buy cheap WooCommerce extensions is Codecanyon, here there are more then 400 plugins at 15$-20$.

What do you think, aren’t the extensions from WooCommerce site to expensive?

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