Giveaways are a great way to give something to the community and promote your products.  In case you have a premium WordPress Plugin or Theme and you can spare a couple of copies for a giveaway it would be great.

As you are willing to offer the products for free for the Giveaway no money will be needed and it will be done for free on I have already done the below Giveaways on the site:

The Giveaways are viewed by hundred off visitors and had more the 1.000 shares on Facebook. This is not a big site with thousands of visitors a day but it has thousands a month. If you can spare a couple off plugins or themes copies I will do the GiveaWay for free. In the Giveaway are accepted WordPress related products.

What I will do for You

  • I will make a short review of your WordPress product
  • I will post it on my site
  • I will promote it on the email list, FB. Twitter, etc
  • I will create a Graphic photo with it

What you need to do

  • Provide some free products for the winners
  • Give the product before for testing review
  • (optional) For a bigger success I can promote the Giveaway on FB. On the previous ones the sponsors provided 10-15$ for promotion on Facebook for more success.

If you want to have a Giveaway hosted on just use the below form or send me an email on bitdoze1[.]gmail{.}com:


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