Can You Relay on WooCommerce to Build Your Online Store


 RTVVJ6HU8MM  If you want to have an eCommerce site then you need to take in consideration what WordPress has to offer. WordPress is the most known CMS in the world and for sure needs to be taken into consideration when comes to building your online store on it. There are a few reasons for me personally for which I prefer to build the online stores on WordPress and WooCommerce:

  1. I am already familiar with WordPress and it is easy to have any type of site build on it.
  2. The WooCommerce plugin is open source so it has a big community that is developing for it.
  3. I like the features that WooCommece has.
  4. There are a lot of extension available if you need to enhance your online store.
  5. There are a lot of themes from where you can choose from.
  6. The modification are not that hard to be done if you already have experience with WordPress.
  7. There are a lot of WordPress plugin available out there with which you can enhance your online store.
  8. The speed of WordPress is good and the sites are working well.

This are most of the reasons why I prefer to have the online stores build on WordPress.

Until now I have a couple of online stores build with WooCommerce and I have no complain from the owners that something is going wrong or not working on their site. To see the live stores build with the WooCommerce you can go to the below ones that were implemented by me to see how they are comporting:


A store with more then 300 products, they are base products and the theme has been bought from themeforest.




As you can see the design of the themes is great and has all the features that are needed. In function of the themes you can have more features. A lot of extensions have been developed for WooComerce and you can do almost everything you want with the store.

Checking the WordPress plugin databases to see what are the complaints of the people who have downloaded and used WooCommerce I have seen that most of them have problems while doing the WordPress update or the WooComerce update. This could have been easily avoided if the update have been tested before, you do not just do an update in the live store you need to test it before especially if you have an online store. If the update doesn’t fix a serious issue you will have to wait for a couple of releases and then do the update.

Others were complaining about the support that is horrible, of course, the support is not there as this is an open-source and you have to have support with someone specialized in this to take care of your problems fast.

Over an all I prefer WooCommerce and recommend it to everyone who want’s an online store that is administrated easily with some great features.

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