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I am Dragos and I have been passionate about blogging for more than 10 years now. I have a couple of blogs where I like to write. On you can find information mostly about WordPress and how you can host your website.

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How to Display Code in WordPress With Gutenberg

The new WordPress editor Gutenberg has been launched and in case you are writing posts that need to display various code or commands you may want to be properly formatted. By default, Gutenberg is having a code block that you may use to display code but is not highlighting the syntax, so in case you…

Elementor Performance Tests Vs Normal Theme

In this article, I would like to present you a performance load test over Elementor page builder to see exactly how much is increasing your page load time. These days is important to have a fast loading site to be better for your visitors and have a more good bounce rate. This speed is important…

Best WordPress Plugin for Youtube Videos

We are living in a world where digital content I produced massively every day such that getting noticed is fast becoming an arduous task even for the most popular and talented individuals. With the ideal video content, however, you can easily get noticed and attract more people on your website marveling at your prowess in…

SiteGround vs DigitalOcean From WordPress Hosting Perspective

I am using DigitalOcean for years to host my websites as I am working in a tech company and I find easy to do most of the work myself. I like to have a good site that is offering good performances and security, most of the times I wonder how DigitalOcean is comparing with SiteGround…

9 Best WordPress Security & Malware Plugins

While WordPress is one of the ultimate content management systems, it has various faults. If you are utilizing WordPress and have a casual approach in terms of security, then you are treading on dangerous grounds. A WordPress website can be compromised quite easily. There are numerous loopholes that cyber-criminals understand well and will go to…

How to Make Your Own URL Shortener in WordPress

Having your own branded domain shortener can be very beneficial because you have control over the links and it is better from a visitor perspective. Having a shorter URL that visitors remember it is better than using long ones. With WordPress, you can have your own URL shortener created where you can store your affiliate…

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